Daily News: October 27, 2016

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CME Disciplinary Notices

An automated system operated be Aardvark LLC did not operate as intended,causing it to execute 17,000 contract in the Eurodollar complex. Violating rules 400-402 in the Business Conduct Committee’s (BCC) jurisdiction and CME ATS code rule 432q and 432w. CME fined Aardvark 205,000.00 and also fined 40,000.00 for CBOT rule 534 washed trades.

CME Business Conduct Committee found Van De Velde was subject to BCC’s jurisdiction pursuant rules 402,418 and violated CME rule 534 and fined 10,000.00

CME BCC panel found that a Hylife employee working with a broker, executed multiple transactions on CME Globex platform in hog futures contracts where Hylife owned accounts on both sides of transaction violated rule 534 and fined 35,0000.00


CBOT Committee found that Natixis deployed an automated trading system in fed funds futures and entered one-lot orders and modifications increasing bid and offer prices in 29 contract months during the evening pre-open period. Resulting in the dissemination of aberrant prices.Violated CBOT rules 432.Q and 432.W fined 75,000.00