Futures Radio Show w/ Anthony Crudele – EP: 96

Elise Fleischaker Neurensic News

Source: Futures Radio Show on November 8, 2016


David Widerhorn, CEO, Neurensic

Dear Traders,

Today we talked to a man who has been ahead of the technology curve an entrepreneur since he was 12.  He graduated MIT at the age of 19 and his latest technology is now changing the trading industry.  His name is David Widerhorn, CEO of Neurensic.

David and his company are addressing the inefficiencies within the HFT universe, and recreating the trade surveillance industry using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

We talk about predatory trading practices such as spoofing and he explains what Neurensic is doing to detect it.

It was fascinating talking with David about the technology they have created at neurensic.  Going forward I believe that Neurensic is a company to keep your eye on for not only the way they are already assisting the industry with current issues, but what they may come up with in the future to further change and disrupt the industry.

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