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Source: LinkedIn on January 30, 2017

I’ve been in the financial services industry for quite some time, and more recently, I’ve been navigating the fintech landscape in Chicago. I’ve traded in the CBOT pits. I’ve helped found a successful wealth management company, RCM Wealth Advisors. I’ve been part of the growth of several small firms with the Small Business Advocacy Council. I’ve contributed to some tremendous winners, and I’ve put my efforts into some companies that didn’t end up panning out. I like to think that, through all the trials and tribulations, I’ve accumulated business wisdom, and now have a more discerning eye for companies that are the real deal.

That’s why I’m happy to announce my new role: Chief Revenue Officer at Neurensic. Having been here for a few months, and seen the impact we have on customers, I can tell you that this company and its machine learning technology are indeed the real deal. In my new role, I’m responsible for identifying prospects and engaging with customers in need of state-of-the-art trade surveillance tools that can help them detect and avoid disruptive trading practices. Our pipeline stretches across the buyside to the sellside, to regulators and exchanges, to attorneys and consultants, and many other trading organizations in between.

In addition to building out our sales pipeline, I will be responsible for constructing deals that not only add to our bottom line, but also empower our customers to take full advantage of the best new technology in our space. It is my intent to demonstrate the proof of concept to each and every potential customer of our product, and to deliver on the promise of providing a solution that not only works well, but also surpasses other options on the market. To help achieve my goal, I have created a channel partner program that incentivizes consultants, lawyers and connectors in the industry to get me and my team in front of the decision-makers at our target customers. If the channel partner program is of interest to you, get in touch with me at (Hey, I am a sales guy, you knew there was going to be a pitch in this message somewhere! :-))

I’m especially excited about this opportunity because I believe that we as an industry have hit an inflection point in the regtech revolution. Recent fines handed down from the CFTC and other regulators have demonstrated that legacy and traditional systems for trade surveillance and compliance technology are inundated due to the paradigm shift in trading, as the industry has moved from the pits to the screens and, more recently, to the algos. Technology in the trading industry is not going to revert to pit trading; as much as I miss the days on the floor, you have to have the technology to keep up. We at Neurensic want to be the technology solution that prevents you from incurring the reputational damage, in addition to the steep fines, that can be a major strain on your trading organization. Even more importantly, we want to help provide our customers with the cost and time-efficiency that is a result of having the technology tools in place that does the trade compliance heavy-lifting.

With the only compliance solution powered by a cloud-based machine learning architecture capable of identifying complex patterns of trading behavior on a vast scale, across multiple markets in near real time, we’re in a position to provide our technology to regulators, proprietary trading firms, futures commission merchants, broker-dealers and global banks. I’m happy to be leading the charge at our company to make Neurensic the pioneer in trade surveillance technology that plays a role in stopping the manipulation of our financial markets.

Thanks to David Widerhorn for this opportunity, and to the rest of the Neurensic team for being so welcoming. Between our tech talent in Chicago and Silicon Valley, and the progress we have made already, 2017 is going to be a year to remember.

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