‘Siri, catch market cheats’: Wall Street watchdogs turn to A.I.
william ruben
Source: Reuters on October 25, 2016 Artificial intelligence programs have beaten chess masters and TV quiz show champions. Next up: stock market cheats. Two exchange operators have announced plans to launch artificial intelligence tools for market surveillance in the coming months and officials at a Wall Street regulator tell Reuters they are not far behind. Executives are hoping computers with humanoid wit can help mere mortals catch misbehavior more quickly. The software could, for instance, scrub chat-room messages to detect dubious bragging
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Spoofing Similarity Model
The Spoofing similarity model identifies various forms of market abuse that involve false or misleading order activity known as spoofing. “Criminal laws are rarely struck down on grounds of vagueness; vagueness is recognized to be necessary to make criminal laws effective.” CFTC argument in the matter of: Panther Energy Trading LLC and Michael J. Coscia Spoofing is a crime, but the word “spoofing” in a criminal context is relatively new. It did not appear in the first cases brought by
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